Welcome Message From the China Chancellor

Dear Students,


Welcome to Whittle School & Studios Shenzhen campus and congratulations on becoming a member of our Whittle family.


The school you are joining is a school with a big vision. Here, we hope to synthesize the world's advanced educational concepts and experiences, follow the rules of education, and take root in China to build a modern school oriented towards the future. To realize this vision, we have attracted numerous like-minded educators from all over the world and formed a team of talented and passionate teachers. The platform we have developed here will allow teachers and students to grow together. You will receive a wonderful educational experience that highlights your own personality and enables your development in a well-rounded way.


Students, when you encounter the complex, rapidly-changing opportunities and challenges of our times, no matter the field you wish to pursue, you should be able to think critically and solve problems; you should be able to communicate, coordinate, create, and innovate. You should be flexible and adaptable, willing to initiate action and be self-directed in your pursuits. You should be technologically literate, responsible, grateful, and loving as you lead. Collectively, these “core literacy skills in the 21st century” are invaluable. 


Therefore, Whittle School & Studios does not advocate the simple mechanization of knowledge. Instead, through project-based learning and experiential learning, we aim to arouse the curiosity of our students, cultivating their rigorous active learning, their exploration, and their focus on individual interests and talents. In fact, we encourage you to use creative methods to solve complex, real-world problems. Whittle School & Studios has high hopes for each student: we hope to cultivate you into learners who are tireless in exploring knowledge, citizens who are dedicated serving their country and society, and people who give generously to the world.


Whittle Shenzhen Campus is located in Qianhai, the core of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Shenzhen is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up. Openness, aggressiveness, inclusiveness, integration, and an enterprising spirit are the distinctive characteristics of this vibrant and civilized city. Dear students, in the future, you will leave Whittle and go out into the world to show Chinese culture to others. You will build a bridge between Chinese and foreign cultures; you will aim high, you will care about the destiny of mankind, and you will finally give back to society with your talents. The world will become a better place because of you!


Dear students, may every day you spend here be the brightest moments in your life!


Lily Li (Yin)

China Chancellor, Whittle School & Studios 

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