Welcome From Heads of School

Welcome to Whittle and welcome to our Whittle family!

Unique and extraordinary, Whittle is committed to creating a modern school to face the future. By integrating Chinese and Western cultures, we aim to cultivate high-quality, socially-minded leaders for the world. Specifically, our graduates will develop their personal qualities. Whittle students will be of a solid academic foundation. They will explore broadly and understand comprehensively. They will pursue rigorous scholarship and will explore the truth continuously. They will be lifelong learners who never stop their pursuit for more knowledge.

In today's rapidly changing world, it is not enough to be equipped with abundant knowledge. The future requires constant innovation. We are determined to cultivate innovation within our students so they can be the talents who guide us in the future.

"Self-introspection should be practiced on a daily basis," said Zeng Zi, one of Confucius’ disciples. Students at Whittle will develop the habits of thinking rigorously and carefully, reflecting regularly upon themselves, and improving through constant reflection and introspection. We encourage students to be brave, tenacious, resilient, and persevering. We hope they will have the courage to explore the truth, tenaciously persist in it, and persevere towards their goals and ideals. In the future, Whittle graduates should be citizens who take a responsibility in contributing to society. They will be ready to dedicate themselves to helping others. They will love life and the environment, showing this commitment to the earth and the environment in the little things they do. By caring about life and society and by being good finders, analyzers, and problem solvers, Whittle students will do their best to make the world a better place.

With the Shenzhen campus located in the city at the forefront of China's Reform and Opening Policy, the qualities of openness, enterprising and tolerance flow in the blood of our community. Our students from the Whittle Shenzhen Campus will reach out to the world to build a bridge across diversified cultures. They will contribute to society with their talents, and they will work together with the school to realize the significant mission of "gathering the merits of the East and West, to achieve great harmony in the world".