Education forum to focus on AI and learning science


The second World Education Frontiers Forum was held in Qianhai from November 23 to 24, the first of its kind in China themed “AI and Learning Sciences.”

Participants discussed the development and application of AI and learning science and how to apply the latest achievements in learning science to education and teaching practice.


Zhu Yongxin, vice chairman of the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, said that artificial intelligence is closely related to education, but whether such advanced technologies can truly play a positive role in education depends on what kinds of values we choose.

Cheng Jieming, chairman of the World Education Frontiers Forum and former vice president of University of Hong Kong, Rose Luckin, president of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society and professor at the University College London, as well as another five guests specializing in the learning sciences fields delivered keynote speeches on the exploration, usage and prospects of AI, respectively.


A parallel forum was held in the afternoon, focusing on the four topics of “Brain Science, AI and Education,” “Interaction Between University and School,” “Exploration of AI and Learning Science in Basic Education,” and “Enterprise Vision.”

The forum also served as a platform for schools and enterprises that have achieved positive explorations and practices in combining AI with education, such as Shenzhen Yadi School, Qianhai Harbor School, Tencent and DJI. Presidents of the schools and frontier scientists of the enterprises shared the latest results in AI research and explorations in the field of education with the audience.

Aiming to promote the international exchange of the latest educational ideas and models, accelerate the application of the latest educational technology, and achieve full development of education, the forum will be held in Shenzhen every autumn, selecting the most cutting-edge educational issues as themes.

Co-sponsored by the China Education 30 Forum and Caijing Magzine and hosted by Whittle School & Studios, the forum this year attracted about 1,000 leaders and staff from educational administrations and educational research institutions, principals and backbone teachers from primary and secondary schools, education researchers, as well as parents and people from all walks of life who pay close attention to learning science and education.

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