Huitong is looking for passionate practitioners worldwide

To recruit passionate educators from around the world, a team of Chinese and American professional recruiters and experienced educators selected our group of excellent teachers through the screening of resumes and applications received around the world and through several rounds of interviews.


In order to ensure fairness and cooperation between campuses, we apply an intelligent recruitment system called Green House to our teacher recruitment. This helps record, track, and communicate information  as we build a large pool of talented candidates.


In addition to resume screening, video interviews, demo lectures, and principal interviews, we have also worked with Sterling Backcheck, one of the world's largest and most professional employee background check companies. A set of comprehensive background checks and identity checks are conducted on candidates who have been admitted to join Huitong, which include their educational backgrounds, work experiences, or criminal records in the country where they have lived.


Of the teachers at our Shenzhen campus, over 76% hold a master’s degree or above and 70% have more than 4 years of teaching experience. Chinese teachers mainly come from top-level international schools with some joining us from reputable public schools; the rest are those highly brilliant young fresh graduates from first-tier universities here in China and beyond. Foreign teachers are mostly from the US and the UK. They have at least 2-years teaching experience with many having been in the field of education for over 10 years.

  • Master's Degree Or Above

  • Four Years Or More Of Teaching Expereince

  • Fluent In At Least One Foreign Language

Early Learning Center


Mengya Zhang

Early Learning Divison Head

Ms. Mengya Zhang graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in guidance and rehabilitation of health and behavioral studies. She was a core member of the Center for Opportunities & Outcomes for People with Disabilities, Columbia University. She is a trained behavioral analyst who has conducted research into several Waldorf, Reggio, and integrated kindergartens in New York State and has served as the Director of Strategic Development of a well-known early childhood education group in Shenzhen. As the co-founder of China’s first national special education foundation, she has always been committed to protecting and promoting children’s rights and has always been a pioneer of Whittle’s social responsibility initiatives. She has initiated and successfully held two Artist-in-Residence Charity Auction Events on campus.
In the past, Mengya was also a member of the ELC build team. This team collaboratively created the core curriculum design for Whittle's Early Learning Center with highly-qualified founding members from across Whittle's global network.

Lower and Middle School


Dr. Guo Xin

Lower and Middle School Divison Head

Dr Guo Xin studied a for a Bachelor’s in Journalism at Wuhan University, two Master’s degrees – in Higher Education at Tsinghua University and in Evidence-Based Social Intervention at Oxford University – and holds a PhD in Sociology of Education from University College London. She has held a variety of senior leadership positions in schools and educational organisations and has worked as a Senior Education Advisor for a branch of UNESCO. Dr Guo Xin joins us as Division Head for Lower and Middle School.
  • Xianglei Yuan

    Ethics & Morals Officer/Head of MS Math

    Xianglei YuanEthics & Morals Officer/Head of MS Math

    Xianglei Yuan has several years of experience in teaching mathematics with great success at Wuhan Foreign Languages School. His students have gone to Peking, Renmin, and Tsinghua Universities in China, as well as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Columbia University in the US. They have also gained distinction in Mathematics Olympiads and similar competitions. More recently he has been involved in work with the “One Belt and One Road” initiative in designing mathematics’ courses, and has rich experience and profound insight into personalized teaching.


  • Alessandro Antonicelli

    Head of Studios

    Alessandro AntonicelliHead of Studios

    Alessandro is a highly accomplished educator and designer. He hold a Master’s of Education and he is PreK-12 certified Art teacher. He has also served as an Associate Professor at Raffles University, an Asian-based university specializing in Design. Alessandro is particularly passionate about the intersection of traditional and modern media and the role that education can play in bridging cultures.


    Alessandro became an Associate Professor through extensive research and on-the-ground application of Multiple Intelligence combined with Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Learning-by-Doing. He has also spent several years working in the e-Learning field and has developed smart platforms.


    Alessandro has received numerous certifications for his expertise in design evaluation, project-based learning in the arts, and teaching critical thinking through art. He has been teaching art and design in China since 2004, and has held various leadership roles such as Program Director, Director, and Head of Department.


    Thanks to his proven leadership skills, Alessandro has successfully helped colleagues develop and be promoted while ensuring that students benefit from a cohesive team and are accepted by some of the most prestigious art, design colleges and universities in the world.


    Alessandro’s career began as Program Director of the Graphic Design and Interactive Media program at Raffles Design Institute attached to Changchun University. Ten years later, he moved to the China HQ in Dong Hua University in Shanghai. During his time at Raffles Education Corporation, he served as Director for International Relationship, Director of the Corporate Training project, and Founding Member of Raffles Academy.


    Currently, he serves the Senior Leadership team as Deputy Head of Studios after having served for 4 years as Head of the Creative Arts & Design Department at HUITONG SCHOOL in Shenzhen, South China.

  • Callum Donkin

    Child Protection Officer/Head of MS & HS PE

    Callum Donkin Child Protection Officer/Head of MS & HS PE

    Callum Donkin was brought up in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Throughout his teen years, his love for sport developed into a true passion for rugby and kayaking. Callum achieved his BSc in Sports Coaching, Development and Fitness from the University Leeds Beckett. He started his career teaching Physical Education in a school designed for children who had emotional, social and behavioural challenges. In 2015, Callum went to Cairo, Egypt where he continued his work with children who had special educational needs as well as a P.E. teacher. After three years in the desert Callum then moved to Hangzhou, China where he was the school’s SENCo for the last 3 years.


    Callum is an avid sportsman who has played rugby at both semi-professional and professional level. In his spare time, he also kayaks to a high level, kayaking down Grade 5 white water rivers.

  • Lucy Donkin

    Head of LS PE

    Lucy Donkin Head of LS PE

    Lucy Donkin grew up in Lincolnshire, England. She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Sport Development and Inclusion; she then went on to University of East London to gain her PGCE in Special Educational Needs and Physical Education. During her time in London, Lucy taught children who had a multitude of different disabilities as well as toddlers and nursery aged children sport. This is where her love for Early Years sport developed.  

    In 2014, Lucy moved to Cairo, where she was an Early Years and Key Stage 1 P.E. teacher for over 4 years. Lucy also worked closely with the SEN department developing interventions to support children struggling with social and emotional challenges through sport. Lucy then moved to Hangzhou, China to become the Assistant Head of Boarding at Wellington College.  

  • Zoe (Weiyi) Kong

    COE Teacher

    Zoe (Weiyi) KongCOE Teacher

    Weiyi received both her Bachelor and Master of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in visual communication design. Her study and practices in art and design involve interdisciplinary techniques, mediums, forms, thoughts, etc. Taking advantage of such art making processes, she discusses issues concerned with culture and behavior, which inspires her with the belief that the social responsibility of an artist always has to do with education. Weiyi introduced her methodology in art and design to museum education, and developed public learning programs for the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. She successfully held a series of project-based learning events and experiences on the subject of local history for school kids and adults in collaboration with schools, artists, and scholars.
  • Katherine Zhan

    College Counsellor

    Katherine ZhanCollege Counsellor

    Katherine Zhan received Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Beijing Normal University and continued her educational pursuit at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with M.Ed. in school counseling. Before joining Whittle, she worked as a school counselor in the US and China for 7 years. She believes that every student is unique and bounded for success given appropriate and abundant guidance. 

  • Swing Liu

    College Counsellor

    Swing LiuCollege Counsellor

    Swing Liu studied for her Bachelor’s in English at the China University of Political Science and Law and for her Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as the College Counsellor at the Houde Academy in Shenzhen and founded the Shenzhen Career Development Association. She joins Whittle as our College Counsellor.

  • Tony Ng

    College Counselor

    Tony NgCollege Counselor

    Tony Ng was born and raised in Hong Kong. He holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Washington and a Master degree from the City University of Seattle. He specializes in business studies, such as finance and business administration. Before joining Huitong School, he had worked in a private high school in Seattle and an international school in Shenzhen for many years. As a college counselor, he hopes to be a mentor to help students to find their own interests and goals, to motivate students to improve and make contributions to the world with their own influences.

  • Audrey Ma

    Assistant Coordinator of Information Centre

    Audrey Ma Assistant Coordinator of Information Centre

    Audrey Ma received her bachelor's degree from the State University of New York and a master’s in art history from the University of Kansas. With a passion for community service and library, she has worked as a cataloger intern at the Roberson Museum & Science Center and participated in the “Rare Book” project at the Library of KU. After graduation, she worked as a librarian at an international school in Hangzhou and helped to build the school library. She believes that information literacy is a key to the student's success, and in every book there’s an inspiration. Her goal is to build a library that helps facilitate reading and learning and is also a center for information sharing and space with a sense of the community.