StudioSummer at Huitong School offers a summer experience that embodies Huitong’s educational philosophy of project-based, experiential learning. Our summer programs are an extension of our learning culture, where students can stretch the boundaries of their knowledge and skills, take intellectual risks, reach their potential, and connect in meaningful ways with other students and encouraging adults.

At the Shenzhen campus, we offer a number of day programs to Huitong and non-Huitong students that support a variety of learning needs and summer schedules:


English Immersion Program (ages 5-8)

The six-week English Immersion Program consists of three blocks with each focusing on a more specific set of language skills. Movement and sport activities are also offered weekly to students ages 5-8 as a built-in block to the English Immersion Program.

Specialty Workshops (ages 9-12) 

Specialty Workshops are a variety of compelling and deeply engaging weeklong programs designed for students ages 9-12 with diverse interests and talents. These intensive workshop programs aim to further their understanding and skills in areas such as Global Arts, Sports & Wellness, STEM, and Humanities.


Each week, students sign up for morning and afternoon weeklong classes. Each week there are four Specialty Workshop choices for the morning and two Specialty Workshop choices for the afternoon.

Extended day program in Spanish immersion (ages 9-12)

Our Spanish Immersion Program for students ages 9 - 12 is designed to introduce basic words, phrases, and expressions used in Spanish. We design creative activities conducted in Spanish, such as making crafts, cooking, singing, dancing, listening to and telling stories, and playing games. Activities are structured to fit weekly themes and are designed to encourage exposure to the Spanish language and culture. 

The Spanish Immersion Program is offered as an extended day program that runs every weekday from 3:00 to 5:00pm. Students ages 9 to 12 can sign up for the Spanish Immersion Program only in addition to Specialty Workshops. 

Talent Camps (ages 13-18) * 

  • Theater and Art

Talent Camps (ages 13-18) * 

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Insight Program

  • Journalism Program