Industry Award: Ram Charan Management Practice Awards Recognizes Whittle School & Studios at Annual Harvard Business Review Meeting


The Ram Charan Management Practice Awards has officially recognized Whittle School & Studios as an outstanding example of global educational management and a leader in the  education industry’s evolution. The awards ceremony was held in Beijing on October 26, 2018, at the annual Harvard Business Review meeting, which was themed “New Technology and New Management.” 

“Given the respect the Ram Charan Awards command both in China and further afield, it is an immense honor for Whittle School & Studios to be recognized for its leadership and pioneering innovation in the education industry at this prestigious event,” said Li Jing, the school’s general manager of global enrollment and marketing, who attended the awards ceremony in the Chinese capital.


Li Jing (fourth from right) received the award on behalf of Whittle School & Studios

Following the event, Harvard Business Review published a statement calling Whittle School & Studios “the Tesla of the education industry,” referring to the disruptive electric carmaker. 

Harvard Business Review’s statement reflected on the overall slow development of the global education sector, which is falling behind the rapid progress seen every day in industries like science and technology. But, it continued, Whittle School & Studios is breaking that mold, taking on the challenges facing the education industry by starting a modern global-school network from scratch.

The statement discussed Whittle School & Studios’ fine-tuned management structure, elite global team, globalized curriculum, high-end and localized branding, as well as its emphasis on community and social responsibility. 

“We are proud to have earned such a recognition from Harvard Business Review, naming us the Tesla of the education industry for our global perspective, resources, and reach. By striding confidently into the future with a truly modern and innovative educational model, we hope to produce outstanding graduates ready for our increasingly globalized world,” said Chris Whittle, founder of Whittle School & Studios.

The Ram Charan Management Practice Awards are jointly presented by leading management magazine Harvard Business Review’s China edition and world-renowned management consultant Ram Charan. The event is partnered by CreditEase Wealth Management. The awards represent the highest honor in Chinese management practice. Involving a six-month process to collect and select excellent candidates, the 2018 Ram Charan Management Practice Awards invited 17 leading university academics from around the world to serve as judges. They conducted their assessments by comprehensively considering the candidates for their "pioneering, effective, sustainable, exemplary, and leading” practices. Against these five criteria, the judges awarded three grand prizes and recognized 20 outstanding examples, including Whittle School & Studios. 

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